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Rubber and silicone injection goes on three machines Engel Elast 260 and one RIMM 270. Final parts can be in weight from 2g to 2 500g.

Tools for this production are regularly cleaned by chemical and mechanical means in gushing chamber using artificial granulate. Preventative maintenance of the tools as well as parts measuring, takes place in our tooling department.

Rubber injection

In rubber parts production department work four machines in three shifts. 95% of parts produced by our company goes to automobile industry.

We produce parts out of these materials:

Parts can be made in different colour  variations (yellow, grey, blue, black..) based on customer´s request.

Solid Silicone Injection

Parts produced with silicon injection technology are produced on one machine Engel 260.

Majority of produced parts (95%) continue to automobile industry. The rest is usually used in food industry.